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Read up on the History of the Community House


Designed and built by Peregian Beach based Dan Sparks Architects and Altum Constructions, the Peregian Beach Community House uses natural ventilation and lighting, a 2.8kw solar panel system, on-site water collection and 20 tonnes of recycled timber.


Ninety-five per cent of the building’s concealed timber softwood and expressed hardwood is recycled and natural light prevails thanks to large wall planes of polycarbonate.


The House was built to accommodate various activities, so a flexible floor plan was crucial to maintaining creative freedom. 


Running northeast to southwest, a breezeway acts as a gallery space as well as channelling summer breezes into the function and office spaces.


The highly flexible hall space features an entire longitudinal wall, which can be completely opened to the garden, giving on to a small-scale amphitheatre.




The House was awarded the Sunshine Coast’s 2010 Building of the Year at the Australian Institute of Architect’s 2010 Sunshine Coast Regional Architecture Awards.


The house also won the 2010 State (RAIA) Award for Sustainable Architecture, Gabriel Poole Award for Building of the Year, with a commendation for the Public Architecture Award.


The project was awarded for “its delightful and fully-considered example of sustainable architecture”.


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